Polka Dots with a Side of Neon

April 19, 2012

Happy Thursday my dear readers!

It’s almost Friday…can get I get a WOO-HOO for that!?

Last weekend was my 5th year high school reunion weekend and it was SO much fun. Friday night there was a fabulous party at the Founder’s House on campus and I wanted to show you a little collage I made (via the iPhone app called “POSE”…if you love fashion & don’t have this app you MUST download it…for FREE! Click HERE to check it out) of my OOTN.

I was in the mood for a little polka dottin' with a side of neon lovin' (read my original post on neon HERE)!!!! 

Top: Mono B.
Pants: H&M
Heels: Guess (every girl needs a great pair of black stilettos!)
Wristlet: Ann Taylor

If you remember I bought the shirt I’m wearing above in NOLA at a local boutique. One thing I absolutely LOVED about it was it combined two trends that are big this spring: neon + polka dots. It’s hard to believe but polka dots are in AGAIN for spring (they were in last fall too) and so I was double-ly excited that this shirt had a hint of neon. This shirt is an example of an easy way to wear what might be considered a bold trend and "tone it down" a bit. A neon belt is also a good way to work a bold trend into your existing wardrobe! 

 Also, a little fashion FYI for wearing neon or just color blocking in general….there is no need to worry about matching all of the shades of color in your outfit. My belt is a few shades different than the neon stripes in my shirt but that’s what makes neon work. No need for it to be matchy matchy! When wearing one main neon color, as long as the colors are in the same family it will work!!! 

I hope your week has been FABULOUS! Thank you for reading!!!!


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