My Blog Has Been Hacked

November 28, 2012

To the fabulous readers of Ashley's Passion for Fashion:

I'm so incredibly sad to write this, but my blog, which I have poured my heart and soul into, has been hacked. All of the posts I have written since September of 2011 have been deleted, and someone has posted 3 posts early this morning at 4:44 am. I don't want to delete what this hacker posted in case the authorities might need it. My sincere apologies for the content that you see posted today. Also to my fellow bloggers, has this ever happened to any of you? Any tips on how to recover my previous posts?

Thank you so much, and don't worry because I'm not going to let this get me down!!!!!! 

Fashion is my passion and I will continue to share my love of fashion with y'all. 


OOTD: Outfit of Thanksgiving Day :)

November 26, 2012

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! I hope y'all all had a wonderful time with your families! On Thursday I had a yummy meal with my sweetie & family at my sis-in-law's house. It was definitely the best Thanksgiving I've ever had :) For my OOTD (Outfit of Thanksgiving Day....thanks bf for the new acronym) I wore a chartreuse green scarf from F21 that was only $8.80! I just love a bright scarf to brighten up a casual outfit (check out my past post on scarves HERE). 

Top: Gap (Similar HERE)
Scarf: F21 (Similar HERE)
Pants: H&M
Riding boots: 
Arturo Chiang

Here a few snapshots of me with my loved ones :)....

With my sweet nephew Parker!

Thanksgiving Kisses! 

Goofing off with my nephews! :) 

Pure happiness :)

After dinner we headed to Nashville to do a little Black Friday shopping at midnight. Believe it or not, I have never been shopping on Black Friday just because of all the craziness. I usually like to have my space when I shop and a little room to breathe. However, Black Friday shopping was definitely a lot of fun and just the right kind of crazy (which I think I had to do more with the sweet Bill is such a great shopping partner!!!). It definitely got me excited for the upcoming holidays!! I ended up scoring a lot of Christmas gifts for him and some of my other loved ones so it turned out to be a lot of fun (although just a teensy bit tiring...we didn't get back til 7 am). Wish I could share with you what I bought but my sweetie reads my blog so that's not going to work...however, here are a couple of snapshots just to show you the lines outside of two of the most popular stores at Oprymills Mall (even at 2 am!):

We celebrated another delicious Thanksgiving meal with Bill's family on Sunday to make for a fun weekend! 

Finally, this weekend Bill and I continued our ongoing debate if a large scarf is actually considered a scarf or a blanket (he says blanket, I say scarf; check out that post HERE)......

In light of this debate, my boyfriend insists that in the picture below he is wearing a scarf. He said I could post this on my blog so I want to finally settle this debate once and for all, is it a scarf or a blanket????

Ok so I hope y'all realize he is indeed wearing a large blanket around his neck. He keeps me laughing all the time :) 

Anyway, please keep following along as I try to get my blog back to where it was! Thank you SO very much!!!!


Outfits to be Thankful For! :)

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, dolls :) 

I am soooo very excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow. I love waking up in the morning and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then stuffing my face with delicious food that my precious family cooks. Then after a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my fam, my boyfriend and I will be headed to Nashville to spend the weekend with his family & to do a little Black Friday Shopping! :) So excited!

Of course the Thanksgiving outfit can be just as an important issue as stuffing the face. Naturally the question arises, how DOES one look fashionable while at the same time eating like a pig? (Sort of a contradiction you say? Perhaps!) If only we could all be as fashionable as Blair Waldorf on Thanksgiving a few years ago....


Doesn't she just look amazing?! Thanksgiving can sometimes be hard to dress for...some years I decide to go with comfy yet fashionable pants so I can eat whatever I want, but other years I love dressing up a little and wearing a sweater dress like I did last year....

With this in mind, I created a Polyvore below with a couple of casual outfits and one dressy....

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

1. An outfit SUPER similar to what I will be wearing tomorrow. Try a cute, embellished sweater with a scarf (a bright or patterned one will fancy-up a plain colored sweater) andboots (I love these studded ones above). 

2. Try a fall floral dress (or skirt) for a dressier look. I absolutely LOVE this dress and I wish I owned it! Pair a dress with tights and heels to be maxed-out dressy. 

3. A cape + riding boots is also a good classic fall outfit and perfect for Thanksgiving. Wear tights for maximum comfort (and room for the belly to expand!) and a cape that is long enough to go over the waist :)

Hopefully this post gives you some ways to look cute while eating your heart out!!! What are you planning on wearing?! 

I hope everyone has an absolutely WONDERFUL and blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!


The Name's Bond, James Bond.

November 20, 2012

Of all the guy movies that come out, my definite favorite is James Bond. His British accent, suave moves, quick wit (and not to mention the "Bond, James Bond" line) all make him one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. So naturally I was super pumped when I heard OPI was coming out with a holiday collection based off of the newest James Bond movie Skyfall. I am telling y'all, this collection is THE best OPI has come out with in a long time. 


I mean aren't the colors to die for?! Seriously...I want to try every single one of them. They are all SOOOO gorgeous! As per usual, Ulta has the collection in individual bottles for $8.50 and a mini 4 pack for $12.50 so you can get a taste of the collection. Unique to the Bond collection there is also a 3-piece "Get Bonded" set available featuring colors that the Bond Girl wore in the movie for $19.95 and a super amazing 18K Top Coat called "The Man with the Golden Gun" for $30 (not pictured).

$12.50 mini set

Individual bottles for $8.50
Get Bonded Set for $19.95

While I've only tried one shade in the collection so far (I will show you which if you keep on reading) here are the ones I'm dying to try....

"The Living Daylights"
Glitter mixture, need I say more? I  envision this for New Years, or in all actuality for every day wear if you're like me. Wear this for your daily dose of glitter (doctor prescribed, duh!).

This color is the perfect fall shade and a great alternative to a dark brown or black.  I just LOVE the idea of maroon nail polish. via
"The Spy Who Loved Me"
This looks like it will be the perfect red for the holidays. I'm always looking for a good Christmas red!via
"Live and Let Die"
A dark, blackened green color. Dark greens have become one of my favorite fall shades because it's so unexpected! via
"Golden Eye"
I feel as if this is a color that can carry you through the holiday season: from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years. It looks SO pretty and sparkly in the bottle, I can't wait to try it!via

And finally, the color I tried...."You Only Live Twice." It is an absolutely STUNNING shade in magenta with sparkles throughout.



Have any of you tried the James Bond collection? What's your favorite color?

Also be sure to check out my newest post on the Marc Nelson Denim website HERE for ideas on how to style the MND jeans & shirts, and read for a 20% off promotional code when you buy any of the outfits I created!

Thanks so much for reading dolls!!! :)


OOTD + Blogger Award! :)

November 10, 2012

Hi pretties! 

Happy Saturday! Hope y'all are having a good weekend so far!!! :) Today I wanted to show y'all an OOTD I wore recently. In the fall, my go-to pair of pants is usually my jeans, but then sometimes I look in my closet and remember I have this pair of cute Jennifer Lopez khaki pants (read about when I bought them HERE) and I say "OH YEAH! I forgot I had these!" Then I get super excited because let's face it, sometimes we need to switch things up (you know, khaki pants are just so wild and crazy ;)). Anyway, that happened to me last week when I decided to wear my khaki pants with a brown top and scarf. I just LOVE khakis with of my favorite color combos! Here's how my outfit turned out:

Top: Gap
Pants: Jennifer Lopez
Boots: UGGs

I also wanted to announce that the SWEET and fabulous blogger Ricci over at "A Beautiful Mess" awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! :) I'm so very flattered and excited. Be sure to check out Ricci's blog by clicking HERE!!! 

Here were the rules for this award: 

If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog.
Answer the 15 questions the nominator left for you.
Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award with a link to their blog.
Ask those bloggers 15 Questions.

Ricci's Questions for me:
1. What is your favorite color? My hands-down, without a doubt, absolute favorite color is PINK. I am the definition of girly and there's no better color to describe that quality than pink. It is bright, cheerful and makes me happy no matter what kind of mood I'm in!! :) 
2. What is your favorite type of music? Country is definitely my fave type of music, which y'all might have picked up on in previous blog posts (I've posted often in the past about Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood :)). I feel as if country music is a part of who I am since I've been listening to it since I was a little girl. Kenny Chesney is my favorite country artist of all time!!!
3. How long have you been blogging? I started my blog in September of 2011 so a little over a year.  I love having this outlet to discuss one of my biggest passions: fashion!
4. What's your lucky number (if you have one)? 19. It's the age I used to choose for all my Barbie dolls, so of course it's lucky :) 
5. Coke or Pepsi? Coke....but specifically Diet Coke. I can definitely tell a difference between Diet Coke & Diet Pepsi! (and so can my sweet boyfriend Bill. This was one of the first things we knew we had in obsession with Diet Coke!! haha).
6. Favorite guilty pleasure? Reality TV.....Real Housewives of ANY city, in particular!!! :) Oh and maybe shopping....
7. Have you ever met someone famous? Who? YES! I met a ton of stars at the CMA Fest in Nashville.....Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Julianne Hough, Brooks n Dunn, Jake Owen.....and many others!! It was a BLAST!!!! Definitely some star-struck moments.
8. Oldest, Middle, Youngest, or Only child? I'm the baby of the family! My 2 older brothers were 12 and 15 when I was born :) I have the best big brothers ever!
9. If you had a $1000 shopping spree where would you go? Probably Macy's. That way I could get a variety of things: shoes, clothes, nice dresses, makeup, etc. I just LOVE Macy's and wish we had one in my hometown!!! 
10. What kind of car do you drive? A Honda Accord :) Her name is Diamonds, and was my gift for graduating college. 
11. Favorite season? Summer without-a-doubt. I just LOVE the warm temperatures, taking vacations, and sitting by the pool. The summer fashions are some of my favorites too with bright colors and cute sundresses. Not to mention sandals...I just LOVE wearing open-toed shoes.
12. Last thing you said? I LOVE YOU! to my boyfriend :)
13. Glasses, Contacts, Neither? Contacts! I have HORRIBLE vision. Near-sighted and can't see a single thing far away. 
14. Favorite holiday? Christmas, but Thanksgiving is close behind. I love all the excitement of Christmas day and being with my family...but I feel like Thanksgiving is more relaxed which I love. I also love waking up on Thanksgiving morning and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade :) SIGH! So excited the holiday season is here!!!
15. Early bird or Night owl? 100% Night owl. I wish I was an early bird, but me and mornings do not get along too well!!! 

I nominate the following bloggers :) ....

Jenna at Smoke into Stars
Helene at Helen in Between
Laura at Top Style Advice

Here are my questions:
1. What is your favorite thing to do for fun?
2. What is your favorite movie?
3. Do you play any sports?
4. Do you enjoy cooking? If so what is your favorite dish to cook?
5. What is your favorite place to shop?
6. If you could trade place with anyone for one day who would it be?
7. When did you start your blog?
8. What is your favorite restaurant?
9. Do you have any siblings?
10. Who is the one person in your life who inspires you the most?
11. Who is your favorite actor? 
12. Who is your favorite actress?
13. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
14. What is your favorite sports team?
15. What is your idea of an ideal day?

Thanks SO much for reading dolls and be sure to check out the above blogs! Thank you again Ricci for nominating me!!! Have a super stylish weekend y'all!!! 

ALSO be sure to check out my newest blog post on Marc Nelson Denim's website recapping the event I attended last weekend. Check it out HERE


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