Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Mom, Dad & Baby!

September 19, 2021


Hi y'all! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you tonight. I did a poll over on Instagram if y'all would be interested in me sharing my hospital bag once we are packed and the majority of you said YES! Keep in mind a couple of things in me sharing this....1) I am of the mindset that I would like to be over-prepared than under-prepared (hence sometimes I overpack lol 😂 ) which I realize may not be everyone's cup of tea and 2) I realize that this may not be what everyone thinks you should pack but I packed what I thought would make my little family comfortable! So basically what I'm saying is this is an Ashley packing list but I hope you find it helpful in some way!!!

I am going to be sharing a video on IGTV going through everything and as you will see in the video, PACKING CUBES are a HUGE game-changer in the hospital bag packing game! I am going to link our packing cubes below. Also,  duffle bag is not the cutest thing ever however it fit EVERYTHING we could ever need! Our hospital is only allowing 1 bag between my husband and myself so I had to make the most of our packing situation. Also, I packed baby Henry's things in our diaper bag so that will be my "purse" I carry in as well. We do have a few things we are leaving in the car and will go back and get those as needed. I have linked everything we packed below via the Widget under the list...just click to shop!!!

The last thing I want to link are all the things I found extremely convenient to pack with including my duffle bag, packing cubes and makeup bags:

Thank y'all so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to stay tuned to Instagram for my IGTV showing my hospital bag!



Nursery Reveal

September 13, 2021


Hi friends! Long-time, no talk! Since I last wrote on here, we are now expecting our precious baby boy and bundle of joy, Henry Hayes Trantham! We could not be more excited to welcome him into our arms and family NEXT month. As I write this today, I am 35 weeks pregnant exactly. We prayed and prayed for this baby and we feel so blessed to say he will be with us in 5 weeks (or less!).  My ultimate desire in life is to be a Mom so I cannot wait to finally fulfill that role so soon! If you follow me over on Instagram (HERE!) you know I have been SO excited to share with y'all baby boy's nursery reveal. So, without further ado...I present to you, baby boy's nursery!!! We went with a "Noah's Ark" theme with neutrals. If you notice, there are some hints of "industrial" decor too to make it more boyish (note the chandelier has metal and it matches the side table by his changing table that has metal also). This room is on the smaller side (perfect for a nursery) but we had to make the most of the space by adding shelves from Target to serve as baby boy's "closet" and I am in LOVE with how it turned out! It is a great way to display his cute clothes and toys. We added tension rods from Amazon to hang his clothes. And, don't worry - my husband DID anchor the shelves to the wall! We also wanted to go budget friendly on the nursery so if you notice most everything is from Target. It did not take me long to pick out his crib & changing table because not only is it so pretty but it's great quality. The crib actually converts into a toddler bed, full bed, and day bed if we need that in the future so we really liked that we got more "bang" for our buck if you will. I am also OBSESSED with his glider. We have 2 in our house now because we love them so much and they are an excellent deal.  I love how the rug (My Texas House, linked at the end of the post) ties it all it is SO soft and will be perfect when baby boy wants to play!

I have tried to link as much as I can at the end of this post. Most everything is from Target, At Home, or Hobby Lobby. Some things are also from Amazon! I could not link directly from At Home or Hobby Lobby but I have tried to find similar items for you all to shop! After you read this post, head back over to my Instagram page to see my Nursery Reveal IGTV video, where I do a walk-through tour!




















Nursery Links:
Crib: Target (HERE)
Crib bedding: Target (HERE)
Crib mobile: Target (HERE)
Changing Table: Target (HERE)
Glider: Target (HERE)
Ottoman: Target (HERE)
Rug: My Texas House (HERE)
Bookshelves: Target (HERE)
Baskets on bookshelves: Target (HERE)
Blanket on Glider: Barefoot Dreams (HERE)
Bear Basket: Target (HERE)
Tension rods in bookshelves: Amazon (HERE)
Hangers: Amazon (HERE)

Curtains: At Home (similar from Amazon, here)
Artwork: Hobby Lobby (Noah's Ark painting here; similar animal artwork via Etsy here)
Hanging chandelier: At Home (similar here)
Side table: At Home (similar here)
Chest: At Home
Lamp: At Home
Pillow in glider: Costco
Beads, animals and decor on his bookshelves: Hobby Lobby

Thank y'all so much for checking out our nursery reveal! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions!!!


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