Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Mom, Dad & Baby!

September 19, 2021


Hi y'all! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you tonight. I did a poll over on Instagram if y'all would be interested in me sharing my hospital bag once we are packed and the majority of you said YES! Keep in mind a couple of things in me sharing this....1) I am of the mindset that I would like to be over-prepared than under-prepared (hence sometimes I overpack lol 😂 ) which I realize may not be everyone's cup of tea and 2) I realize that this may not be what everyone thinks you should pack but I packed what I thought would make my little family comfortable! So basically what I'm saying is this is an Ashley packing list but I hope you find it helpful in some way!!!

I am going to be sharing a video on IGTV going through everything and as you will see in the video, PACKING CUBES are a HUGE game-changer in the hospital bag packing game! I am going to link our packing cubes below. Also,  duffle bag is not the cutest thing ever however it fit EVERYTHING we could ever need! Our hospital is only allowing 1 bag between my husband and myself so I had to make the most of our packing situation. Also, I packed baby Henry's things in our diaper bag so that will be my "purse" I carry in as well. We do have a few things we are leaving in the car and will go back and get those as needed. I have linked everything we packed below via the Widget under the list...just click to shop!!!

The last thing I want to link are all the things I found extremely convenient to pack with including my duffle bag, packing cubes and makeup bags:

Thank y'all so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to stay tuned to Instagram for my IGTV showing my hospital bag!



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