Outfits to be Thankful For! :)

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, dolls :) 

I am soooo very excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow. I love waking up in the morning and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then stuffing my face with delicious food that my precious family cooks. Then after a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my fam, my boyfriend and I will be headed to Nashville to spend the weekend with his family & to do a little Black Friday Shopping! :) So excited!

Of course the Thanksgiving outfit can be just as an important issue as stuffing the face. Naturally the question arises, how DOES one look fashionable while at the same time eating like a pig? (Sort of a contradiction you say? Perhaps!) If only we could all be as fashionable as Blair Waldorf on Thanksgiving a few years ago....


Doesn't she just look amazing?! Thanksgiving can sometimes be hard to dress for...some years I decide to go with comfy yet fashionable pants so I can eat whatever I want, but other years I love dressing up a little and wearing a sweater dress like I did last year....

With this in mind, I created a Polyvore below with a couple of casual outfits and one dressy....

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

1. An outfit SUPER similar to what I will be wearing tomorrow. Try a cute, embellished sweater with a scarf (a bright or patterned one will fancy-up a plain colored sweater) andboots (I love these studded ones above). 

2. Try a fall floral dress (or skirt) for a dressier look. I absolutely LOVE this dress and I wish I owned it! Pair a dress with tights and heels to be maxed-out dressy. 

3. A cape + riding boots is also a good classic fall outfit and perfect for Thanksgiving. Wear tights for maximum comfort (and room for the belly to expand!) and a cape that is long enough to go over the waist :)

Hopefully this post gives you some ways to look cute while eating your heart out!!! What are you planning on wearing?! 

I hope everyone has an absolutely WONDERFUL and blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!


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