Golden Globe Fashion!

January 14, 2013

Hi dolls!!! 

I hope you're having a great start to your week! As it's the beginning of a new year, it's also the start of awards season which means one thing: fabulous fashions on the red carpet!!! Since tonight was the first big award show of 2013, I wanted to do a post on a few of my favorite looks from the Golden Globes last night. 

First of all, my hands-down favorite was Zooey Deschanel wearing a gorgeous red gown by one of my favorite dress designers Oscar de la Renta. Her dark hair really popped against the red shade of the gown. I loved the sweetheart neckline and her strand of pearls. Just so very classy and beautiful! Oh and not to mention her ADORABLE manicure....

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One of my other favorite looks was worn by one of my faves Julianne Hough. I love the way a white and gold dress looks on a blonde. She was stunning! She wore a gown by Monique Lhullier....again, one of my fave dress designers! It's always amazing to me how I pick out my favorite looks, then when I research who designed the gown it's usually always by one of my favorites :) 

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Hands down worst dressed in my opinion was Lucy Liu in a flowered number by Carolina Herrera. I'm not opposed to flower print, but this dress was just TOO much. Too much flower, too much blue, too much DRESS. This to me was not only the worst dressed of last night, but I'm pretty certain it may be worst dressed of the whole upcoming award season. Sorry Lucy, I still love you as a Charlie's Angel!! 

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What were your favorites and least favorites from the Golden Globes last night? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. So many lovely looks! I loved Lucy, Julianne, Megan, J.Lo. and Giuliana!

  2. Lucys looks like a tablecloth or a bed spread!

    =) B

  3. Oh boy, this is the first time I've seen Lucy Lui. WOWZA, what was she thinking? I loved Jennifer Garner and Katherine McPhee.

    1. Lucy Lui's dress was a bit much huh?! haha! So crazy!!! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment :) Checking out your blog now! XOXO


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