Designer Collaboration: Prabal Gurung for Target

February 9, 2013

Ok so tell me, lovely readers, am I the only one who is a total sucker for these Target, H&M, etc. collaborations with high-end designers!? Every time I hear about one I feel my knees getting weak and my pulse quicken (haha!). I immediately find myself doing an Internet search on the newest collaboration and marking my calendar for the release date (see my past obsessions with some of these previous designer collaborations HERE, HERE, and HERE). So if you haven't seen the advertisements, the latest collaboration is Prabal Gurung for Target to be released this Sunday, February 10th and after taking a peek at the look book, I'm pretty excited!!! 

Prabal Gurung is a designer who came onto the fashion scene at NY Fashion week in 2009 and has had celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, and Zoe Saldana wear his creations. I don't know about you but it makes me pretty excited that I can buy a fashion created by the same designer who has made clothes that THE Kate Middleton has worn (like the dress pictured below)! 

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Gurung said that most of his collection for Target was inspired by Valentine's Day appropriate, no!? 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection....

I HAVE to have this dress. It screams spring, no!? Oh and let's not forget the shoes. Swoon!

Black and white + red. My ideal outfit!

Pointy toed flat: the perfect spring shoe. 
I will take a pair in every color,  please & thank you! :)

I LOVE the colors of this tote bag. How much fun is this!?

Wouldn't mind inviting these bangles to my arm party!

Did y'all check out the Nieman Marcus for Target collection this past December? I know I mentioned I bought a few pieces of it, but I was ultimately a little disappointed....they weren't as budget friendly as some of the past designer collaborations were. I'm hoping that the new Prabal Gurung line will be more affordable!!! :) 

What are your faves from the collection? Will you be buying anything from this new designer collaboration!? Leave me a comment and be sure to let me know :)

Thanks so much for reading dolls!



  1. Replies
    1. AH isn't it a beautiful collection!? :) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :) XOXO

  2. Love that black and white dress~

  3. I love all of the pieces that have that flower design incorporated. I still haven't made it to a target to check it out... hopefully I haven't already missed out completely! I also think the shoes are gorgeous, but I'd have to try them on to see if they are really my thing.

    1. Isn't the flower design perfect for spring!? I just LOVE this collection!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Girl I haven't snagged anything yet!! :( I'm going to go back by this week and see what they have!

  5. I love this collection - it's got a bit of everything! Cool colours, cool silhouettes, fab shoes and jewellery!

  6. I love that white pattern dress! wish they had it at a target near me!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. Thanks SO much for following girl! :) I'm your newest follower as well!!!

  8. Prabal Gurung. The mass Retailer announced its latest designer collaboration


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