Chattanooga Fashion Week Recap!

September 10, 2014

Hi gorgeous readers!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous day! This past weekend, I was so honored to be invited to attend the third annual Chattanooga Fashion Week as a blogger! Chattanooga (in case y'all don't know, located in TN), is not necessarily one of the fashion capitals of the world :) which is why it's SO awesome that my city hosts an event such as Fashion Week. Fashion truly is an art, and it was wonderful to see local designers showcase their lines! 

I brought one of my best friends along with me and we had such a blast at the runway shows on Friday and Saturday nights! I thought I would do a little recap showing y'all some of my favorite designers from Friday and Saturday. :) But first, my OOTN from Friday's show (featuring one of my favorite dresses EVER!)....

The first night of the fashion show on September 5 featured designs by Sienna & Bellini, Monarch, Desirae Danielle, Xen Swim, Bob Franklin Apparel, and Brandon Pierre. Sienna & Bellini is a new line based in Atlanta & influenced by European fashion. They have a new store coming to my local mall opening soon which I'm excited about! Their runway looks definitely inspired me for the fall featuring leather pants, sweaters, plaid shirts, & chambray....

I need that leopard dress, and plaid shirt :) 

I knew I was going to love the designs by Desirae Danielle when the announcer stated her pieces had "Audrey Hepburn influence."  I mean hellooooo?! Who doesn't want a little Audrey in her wardrobe? This adorable line was created by the 21 year old self-taught designer Desirae Smith. My favorite part of her line were the cute party dresses, which came in adorable colors & had amazing details (I mean look at the backs of the dresses below)! Here's a couple of snapshots of my favorite dresses...

This dress is called "But A Dream" and can be found HERE!

The "Take Me Away" dress can be found HERE!

We had a fabulous time night 1! For my OOTN for night 2, I went with a cobalt chiffon dress, nude pumps & Louie (of course)! 

Night 2 had some amazing designers as well! Sherie L. Nevett had some gorgeous fall pieces. This line has been described as being for the woman who dares to stand out with her style. So many of her pieces definitely embrace this motto, which I loved! Here were a few snapshots with links below to some cute pieces!

I LOVE this fur vest y'all! I seriously want it. Fur vests are one of my favorite things to wear in the fall. SO cute! Check it out online HERE

This double breasted caplet is SO chic. What a gorgeous look for fall! It can be found online HERE.

I seriously love these pants. So cute! Check them out HERE

Another line I ADORED seeing Saturday night was Anna Victoria Design. Anna Mittelstadt is the gorgeous designer (who also went to high school with me!) behind this line which has both southern and North-Eastern style influence. I loved the metallics, polka dots, and gorgeous dresses featured in this line. So chic!!! 

Love the metallic polka dot blouse with these shorts! Would totally be cute in the fall with some ankle booties :)

This dress is to die for with the slit up the front! I need it :)

 I LOVED the blouse and the skirt paired together! Absolutely SO cute.

Gorgeous dress! There's nothing like winter white :)

I loved these metallic shorts. Would be so perfect for an evening out & could be carried into the fall/winter with tights!

Again, I LOVED the metallic polka dot print. I want this dress too!

The back of this dress was SO pretty!!! I'm obsessed with dresses that have amazing backs :)

And here we are pictured with the fabulous designer of Anna Victoria:

It's pretty amazing that you don't have to go all the way to NYC to see some fabulous fashion :). I was so honored to attend this year and am excited to see the future of fashion in Chattanooga!!! :) 

Thanks so much for reading dolls!



  1. Omg I didn't know they have things like this in Chattanooga! Do you know when the next one is? I'm loving that black and white dress of yours! Looking beautiful

    1. Ah isn't it awesome that Chattanooga has events like the fashion show! As far as I know they only do 1 a year. However, Knoxville has one coming up I do believe! :) Thanks for commenting girl! XOXO

  2. Great photos and you look gorgeous.
    *Thanks for visiting my blog. Bless!*

  3. How fun! I love when cities host their own fashion week and showcase local designers!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Such a fun thing to be a part of too! I really love your cute dresses, and the first outfit - ahhh I love it so much! Makes me want to get something similar to that dress!

    1. Ah thank you so so much girl! :) I love dresses like that too! I definitely need another one :)


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