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October 18, 2017

Hi dolls!

At the beginning of October, I was SO excited to be accepted into the Reward Style community and to now be able to make it much easier for you, my lovely readers, to check out all details on my #ootds! So you may ask, how do you shop mine (or any of your favorite bloggers/influencers') outfits more easily now!? Well, let me introduce y'all to your future BFF 😉! I recently did a poll on my Insastories (follow me on IG HERE) and asked if y'all would like a tutorial on this app....which is why I am doing this blog post! Keep reading for how you can use! recently released their app earlier this year which it makes it SO easy for you to instantly shop your favorite bloggers' looks. AND just this week, there was a NEW feature released as well which I will explain below!

So, to get started, all you have to do is go to your phone's App Store, and type in "" The app logo is a black square with a white heart with a white border around the heart. The application will look like the picture below on your phone once it is downloaded:

Once you click on the app, create an account with an e-mail address & password! Next, head back to your Instagram app and after going to my Instagram profile, take a screenshot OR "like" of one of my #ootds with the logo in the bottom right corner (hint: most of my recent posts since October 4th have this feature). For the sake of this tutorial, I used my recent weekend outfit in my polka dot dress. Next, head back to your app!! Your homepage will look like the following after you take a screenshot or like one of those photos....

This is your home screen where all of the photos you have "screenshot" OR "liked" will be located for you to easily shop them. Next, click on the photo you just took a screenshot of or liked on Instagram....

And there you have it, y'all!!! All of the outfit details from my recent Instagram post all in one place, where you can then click on any item where it will take you to the retailer's website, so you can find out how much it costs, and to add it to your cart if you so choose!

This will also work for whenever you screenshot a enabled image on other social media platforms of your favorite bloggers (i.e. on Facebook or on Snapchat). There are many options within the app for customization, such as enabling push notifications when the images are ready to shop. Another feature of is that you can receive e-mails when the images are ready to shop, with the frequency of e-mails being fully customizable. What's not to love about this app!? Oh....well, I'll give you one more reason because just THIS week, released another feature: being able to follow your favorite influencers!!!! Follow along and I will explain this feature as well....

So first, open up your app once again. After the app opens, tap on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the app.

NOW, you can search for the influencers you want to follow! So of course for sake of this example, I would LOVE it if you follow yours truly, so type in "Ashleys Passion for Fashion"

Next, click on my name and my profile will pop up. Tap on the "follow" button underneath my profile picture to follow me!

When you "follow" your favorite influencers, it makes it SO much easier for you to NEVER miss a shoppable post published!! Now you will be able to find all of my shoppable pictures in ONE place on your app. Click on the icon with the silhouette of the 2 people at the bottom of the app to see all of the influencers you "follow." Make sure you have the most updated application installed to use this feature!!

OK, so I think that covers the basics of how to use!!! I am SO excited to bring this feature to y'all here on Ashley's Passion for Fashion. Please ALWAYS feel free to reach out to me via any of my social media channels or by email ( with any questions you have about using this app (or of course, with anything at all!). Also....head on over to my Instagram to try out this feature for all outfit details on the photo at the top of this blog post!!!

I truly do appreciate you taking your time to read my blog. Your comments and love mean SO much to me!!! Now....I'm off to finish packing.....we are headed to Charleston, SC, bright and early in the morning!! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (HERE) to see what we're up to! If anyone has any Charleston suggestions, would love to hear them!


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