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November 10, 2017

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Happy Friday, sweet friends!! 

So today is very exciting if you are a makeup fan! From November 10th through the 15th, Sephora is having a sale for Very Important Beauty (VIB) members and Beauty Insiders. If you have VIB status (which you do if you spend $350 per calendar year), you can use code "20FORVIB" for 20% off your purchase, and for Beauty Insiders (which is FREE to be a member) you can use code "INSIDER15" to get 15% off your purchase. AND, you can use the codes as often as you wish until Nov 15th! Shipping is free when you spend over $50 (which is easy to do when there's so many amazing items!). 

So as requested by my lovely followers on my Instastory poll (follow me on Instagram HERE), I have put together my favorite makeup product picks from the Sephora sale. With either 15% or 20% off, it is THE perfect time to purchase staple items! Keep on reading to see my must-haves....

Ashley's Passion for Fashion Sephora Sale Picks: 
#1. Marc Jacobs Foundation (HERE) - w/ 15% off it is ~$47, w/ 20% off it is $44

Hands-down, without a doubt, this is my FAVORITE foundation. It is full-coverage, which I love, yet it does not "feel" heavy and does not give you that "caked on" look. It gives a smooth, flawless finish! If you talk to anyone who has used this foundation, they may tell you the packaging is prone to leaking. It IS true, but the way to prevent it is to make sure the INNER cap is TIGHTLY secured. Once I started removing the inner cap from the outer cap, I have never had any problems with my foundation leaking. Just a tip! I love it so much, I have it in 2 shades, Ivory (#12) for the fall/winter and Beige Light (#32) for when I have a tan in the summer (or when I use self-tanner). Highly recommend this foundation. 

#2 Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (HERE) - w/ 15% off it is $19, w/ 20% off it is ~$18 

I have tried SOOO many eyeliners over the years, and this one by Stila is DEFINITELY worth the normal (when not on sale) $22 price tag. It is long-lasting, waterproof (but not hard to remove at night with a makeup wipe), and has the best brush applicator with it. Plus, it comes in 12 colors. My fave = Jet Black.

#3 Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's $39, w/ 20% off it's ~$37 

So, I am here to say that every single one of my Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes has been replaced by this gorgeous Tarte palette! One of my favorite Christian bloggers, Brittany Price Brooker (you can follow her here), always has THE best makeup and I reached out to her to ask about her eyeshadow because it is PERFECT. This is the palette she wears as well! She is SO inspiring and has a heart for the Lord....check out her Instagram page HERE. So, since she recommended it, I have been wearing this palette and I LOVE it. The colors are super pigmented and long-lasting. Perfect eyeshadow 

#4 Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's ~$98, w/ 20% off it's $92

Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf has ALWAYS been my favorite perfume. It literally smells amazing. may be replaced with this amazing new scent by Viktor & Rolf called Bonbon. I received a sample of it with one of my orders from Sephora, and it was love at first spritz (HAHA). But seriously, it is AMAZING....and how cute is the bow bottle!? This is on my Christmas wish list and this would make such a perfect gift for the lady in your life, men! 

#5 Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's ~$32, w/ 20% off it's ~$30

If you are in the market for a beautiful highlighter for your cheeks, this one is my favorite! It gives you a gorgeous glow when the light catches. I use it on my cheekbones! 

#6 BITE Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's ~$20, w/ 20% off it's ~$19

Y'all! This is my absolute FAVORITE color of lipstick to achieve that perfect nude lip for fall. It is so gorgeous. I use it as a lip liner and an all-over lip color as well. You can pair it with any color gloss over it and it's SERIOUSLY perfect. 

#7 Tarte Foundation brush (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's ~$28, w/ 20% off it's ~$27

This brush is hands down THE best brush for applying foundation. I am in LOVE. The bristles are so soft & it helps achieve that smooth flawless finish. With the discount this weekend, it's under $30! 

#8 Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow Pencil (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's ~$18, w/ 20% off it's ~$17

I am sure y'all have heard of people raving about Anastasia's brow products, and for good reason! This is one of my favorite pencils. I have it in "Blonde" which is perfect since I like my eyebrows to look more natural w/ my hair color (which, surprise, I'm not a natural blonde haha!). This pencil is easy to apply and helps create a natural, fuller brow. With the discount, it's under $20! Worth the money for sure. 

#9 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's $17, w/ 20% off it's $16. 

Kat Von D makes some of THE prettiest shades of liquid lipstick EVER (44 to be exact!). I fell in love this summer with this lipstick (a gorgeous warm rose color "Berlin") and I think adding a new color to my collection is in order! This goes on SO easily and leaves a long-lasting pigment. Highly recommend!

#10 Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette (HERE) - w/ 15% off it's $29, w/ 20% off it's $27. 

This is seriously your one-stop for blush + bronzer. I absolutely love mine and when I don't have a tan, I use just the blush. When I have a tan, I love adding the bronzer. I have the shade "Naked."

So what are y'all going to get?! Leave me a comment on this post or drop me a line over on Instagram to let me know! As always, if you have ANY questions you can e-mail me at, or feel free to direct message me on Instagram HERE

Stay tuned for Holiday Gift Guides, Holiday Looks and Sale Roundups coming SOON to the blog! 



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