Weekend in Atlanta: OOTN & My Loot from H&M

September 25, 2011

Good evening loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Tonight I want to recap my weekend by first sharing my OOTN for Friday night to go out in Atlanta with my roomie Stacey & her hubby and friends, then I want to show y’all part 1 of what I bought this weekend at H&M.

Friday night was a little chilly so jeans were definitely a must. I also wore a top from Target I bought a few months ago (on another shopping trip with my roomie) on the clearance rack for $3.74!! It was a top I wasn’t REALLY sure what I would wear it with, but at $3.74 I thought I’d take my chances and I would possibly come up with something in the future when inspiration struck. That inspiration came in the form of a belt I bought last week at New York & Company (find it here New York & Company Buckle Belt) and decided it would be perfect to wear with this top. When a top is shapeless, a belt is always a great option!

 Here is my outfit of the night:
Top: Target (with a tube top underneath since the top is sheer. Tube top is an oldie from Wet Seal...tube tops are a great staple to have in your closet for layering without showing straps!)
Belt: New York & Company
Jeans: Nine West
Heels: Guess
Rhinestone hoop earrings: Charming Charlie's

Remember my post the other day about transitioning your summer wardrobe into the fall? Well Stacey had a great idea for transitioning capris into the fall! Pair them with boots and a pair of socks that match the boots, and no one will know you’re wearing capris and not regular pants!!! So cute!!!!

Here is Stacey’s outfit of the night:
My beautiful college roomie in her OOTN!

Before we went out Friday, Stacey & I spent several hours looking around in the two story H&M in Atlantic Station. Even though we spent hours, the store is just so huge that I feel like I still probably missed some things! H&M prices are SO reasonable and you really get a lot for your money! Not to mention their stuff is SO cute and really good quality. Looking around it was easy to see that ORANGE is going to be HUGE this fall!!! There was tons of orange stuff, so the inner Vols fan in me was pretty happy. I found a lot of good pieces that I will be able to wear with things already in my closet. So here are my H&M Fall 2011 purchases...

Brown shell with lace detail, I just love lace! Will be great by itself or paired under a sweater!
One of my favorite purchases: brown wool skirt! Will probably wear with the brown shell above, sweaters, boots, tights, etc!
Orange sweater...only $14.95! Will be perfect for a fall UT game. 

Brown and cream turtle necks with gold stripes...will be great for layering or by themselves!
Black skinny jeans that kind of fit like jeggings. Will get so much use out of these and they were only $13!
Black & white striped long sleeved t-shirt. Will be perfect to layer under sweaters or by itself!
Black skirt that will be great to wear with so many things this fall

And for my fave purchase: navy blazer with gold buttons!!! Will be good with jeans and over dresses! Just read in InStyle this week that navy blazers are the new black!

H&M is also one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry! I scored a couple of bracelets & necklace.

One of the many orange items in the store! I just LOVE lock & key necklaces

Our matching bracelets! LOVE these...they were $4 each & I know I'll wear them all the time!

If you made it this far in my super long post, congratulations and thanks so much for reading! Once I start talking about fashion I just can't stop!! Check back tomorrow for a post on some items I picked up from Macy's also while I was in Atlanta!! If you have trouble making a comment on here let me know and don't forget to follow my blog!


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