Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Taylor Swift Concert

September 18, 2011

Hello all my lovely readers!! Many of the fashion blogs I read have Outfit of the Day (OOTD) or Outfit of the Night (OOTN) posts so I thought I would start out my first OOTD & OOTN post with recaping what I wore this weekend! My fashion this weekend was a little more "country" than what I normally wear but for good reason... I took a roadtrip to Nashvegas to see the one and only Taylor Swift in concert with one of my BFFs Sherrie! So this outfit was my attempt to be as fashionable as possible while still rocking a country girl style :)

Taylor Swift is known for pairing sundresses with cowgirl boots, so that was the obvious choice for my Friday ensemble for the concert and to go dancing in Nashville after (where cowgirl boots are always acceptable; one of the million reasons I love Nashville!)
13: complements of black & blue Sharpies and amazing artistic skills :) 13 is her favorite # that she writes on her hand at every show!

Dress: Printed Dress from Forever 21
Blue Jean Jacket: F21
Cowgirl Boots: Durango (my favorite boot brand!)   

Bracelet: Stein Mart, I LOVE bracelets like this and of course anything with rhinestones :)   

Earrings: Forever 21
+ Clip-in hair feathers (love that they're clip-in because you obviously don't have to wear them all the time & can move them around depending on your hairstyle)

13: complements of black & blue Sharpies and amazing artistic skills :) 13 is her favorite # that she writes on her hand at every show!

I could dedicate a whole blog post just to explain the kinds of things you see people wear at a Taylor Swift concert. Of course there are lots of girls in dresses + cowgirl boots, but there's also diehard fans who dress as Christmas trees (TSwift used to live on Cmas tree farm), cupcakes, Cmas presents, snowmen (?), and  unicorns....just to name a few! If you've never been to a TSwift concert, seeing what people wear is worth the ticket price alone!

I also thought I'd add some pictures I took during the concert of my favorite dresses Taylor wore. Wish I could wear sparkly dresses like these every day of the week!: 

LOVE this gold fringe dress! She paired it with black boots. Too cute! And to complete the look: arm lyrics...if you follow Taylor you know she writes a different song lyric on her arm at every concert. Friday night it was "Be a best friend, tell the truth and overuse 'I love you'" by Lee Brice.

Taylor rocking a sparkly red spaghetti strapped dress. Love how it matches her bright red lipstick (another one of Taylor's trademark looks!). This was also paired with her classic black boots!

And finally, my absolute FAVORITE outfit of the night. Taylor's spin on the LBD (Little Black Dress): covered once again in sequins!! AND it looks amazing paired with her rhinestone guitar! If only she would let me borrow this, and if only I could play a rhinestone guitar :)

Thanks so much for reading!! I hope y'all had a great weekend too!!! :) And to all my readers, in the words of Taylor "you're beautiful, every little piece, love...and when you find everything you've looked for, I hope your life leads you back to my door, oh but if it don't, stay beautiful" (dedicated to a certain someone) :)


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