'Twas a Fashionista's Christmas

December 27, 2011

Good evening dolls!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Tonight I wanted to do a little Christmas recap and show you my OOTD’s and also some of the goodies I received from Santa & my family!

Every year on Christmas Eve I spend the day at my Nana’s house! I am super close with Nana (my dad’s mom) and love going to her house (the same house she’s lived in since I was born). We always eat a delicious meal and then exchange gifts. Every year our family gets bigger and this year I was so excited to have my brother’s NEW fiancée (he proposed on Christmas Eve!) and her daughter (my new niece!!!) with us!

Here is my OOTD for Christmas Eve at Nana’s pictured with my adorable new niece:

Dress: Pink Rose at Macy's
Booties: Old Navy (remember them in this post HERE)
Necklace: Stella & Dot
When it was time to open presents, I was SUPER excited to receive a Clarisonic Mia from my Nana. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a motorized brush that cleans your skin 6X better than manual washing…which therefore cleans your pores better & allows for your products to absorb easier. I will definitely do a review of this in a blog post in the future...but so far I absolutely LOVE it!!!!
Check it out online by clicking HERE

I was also SO excited to find a brown and white striped box under the tree…which is the signature wrapping for any Henri Bendel gift. This is an upscale department store in NYC but they recently opened a store in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. They are famous for accessories that are unique to their store. Thank you to my aunt and uncle from ATL for this awesome gift! Here’s a collage of me opening my Bendel’s box (just a tad bit excited if you couldn’t tell):
It’s a snakeskin clutch/wristlet. I absolutely LOVE it and know I will use it so much…especially when I go out with friends!

I love waking up on Christmas morning & seeing what Santa brought me! This year he left me some clothes from from H&M and Macy's (he has such good taste!)….

4 new shirts for layering from H&M...I kind of love stripes if you haven't noticed from some of my past OOTD's! lol

A new pair of winter shorts from H&M. I love the orange belt that came with them!

I got 4 new pair of pants which is a huge deal for me because usually they are WAY too long, but these fit perfectly!
1) H&M khaki corduroys
2) H&M black skinny corduroys
3) Jessica Simpson forever skinny jeans
4) V Cristina grey jeans from Stein Mart

3 new dresses!
1) Pink H&M zipper dress... love the zipper detail!
2) Navy H&M dress...will be great this winter with tights, booties & a sweater but I will also be able to wear it when the weather gets warm again!
3) Sweater dress by BCX from Macy's
What was in my stocking! Bracelets to make an "arm party" (I will do a post on this in the future!) and an OWL-dorable owl necklace! lol

So after a fun morning/afternoon of hanging out with Mom, Dad, & Nana it was time to go to my brother’s house & see what Santa brought my sweet little nephews for Christmas!!! Here was my OOTD/OOTN on Christmas day:

Top: new navy/white striped from H&M
                             Blazer: H&M (Click HERE to read about the shopping trip when I bought it)
           Jeans: Jessica Simpson Collection
Boots: Nine West

And finally I thought I’d leave you with a pic of me and my nephews (they’re cousins…in matching PJ’s, how cute are they!?) hanging out on Christmas day:

So what are some of your favorite things you received for Christmas?! Leave me a comment and let me know!!!!

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