One Step Closer to Being Carrie Underwood….

June 3, 2012

Hi beautiful readers!

If you follow me on FB/Twitter you know a few weeks ago I went to visit my bf’s family in Nashville. Nashville is one of my FAVORITE places to visit for many reasons, one of them being the fact that I absolutely LOVE/ADORE/AM OBSESSED WITH country music. So on top of going to see the GORGEOUS Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley at the Grand Ole Opry, we also went shopping at one of the boutiques where the country stars shop called Stacey Rhodes!!!!

Stacey Rhodes is located outside of Nashville in Brentwood, TN. I was SO excited to shop in the very same store where some of my fave country stars shop. 

They had lots of cute dresses, accessories and boots (which I found out that Taylor Swift buys from there…new mission: buy a cute new pair of Corral cowgirls). 

I found a belt I really liked and purchased. A fashion motto of mine: you can NEVER have too many belts. They are an instant game-changer in terms of creating new outfits.


But I digress. As I was checking out I noticed a magazine open to my guuuurl CARRIE UNDERWOOD wearing some gorg gold necklaces:

Image source

The sales associate informed me that Carrie was wearing an initial necklace she just bought in their store RECENTLY…and of course I freak out because the thought of having anything the same that my fave Carrie has makes me (maybe a little bit TOO) giddy with joy (is that weird????). She showed me the necklace Carrie was wearing made by Charlene K (visit their website HERE) for $55. To my surprise my boyfriend sweetly bought it for me….in silver instead of gold (I don’t wear much gold)…and with an “A” instead of “C” (is it even weirder I considered getting a C just like Carrie???). 

I have worn this necklace SO many times already. It has so much more meaning too since my sweetie pie gave it to me. I’m lovin’ having a necklace that goes with literally EVERYTHING. Also it is going to look GREAT when layered with other silver necklaces similar to how Carrie wears hers. Thank you Carrie for being my style inspiration!!!! It turns out she has been wearing HER pendant necklace a lot lately and not just in that magazine....

Image source

Image source

We also saw the salon where Carrie gets her hair done sometimes. SOOOOOOO I should probably go ahead and say since this post is basically dedicated to how much I love stalking where celebrities buy their clothes/get their hair done…you can add Carrie Underwood to my list of celebrities I’m obsessed with. (In case you’re keeping track, admitted so far: Angelina Jolie, Julianne Hough, Kate Middleton). Anyway the salon she gets it done at is called Parlour 3 Beauty and it’s located right next door to Stacey Rhodes….how convenient for my stalking.

The inside was BEAUTIFUL! 

I am sure Carrie gets her hair done at this VERY vanity, right??  I took a picture of it just in case that’s true…

And the ultimate Carrie treat was actually seeing her at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night. HELLO, GORGEOUS!!! She looked stunning. I know you’re surprised….(sarcasm). She wore a purple peplum dress….with a gorgeous rhinestone strap. Sweetie pie & I were trying to figure out if she might just possibly be wearing her initial necklace….but noooooo instead she decided to wear a big ole diamond necklace that you can really see in the second picture below (really Carrie? Diamonds over our matching necklaces?! Ok…)

And just because this trip was an absolute blast, here is a photo collage of some of the pictures I made with the precious BF in Nashville……

So the moral of this post??? If you’re in the Nashville/Brentwood area you MUST stop in Stacey Rhodes (visit their website HERE) and ask the sales associates about what the stars buy when they shop there. Then maybe you can be as cool as Carrie or Taylor!!!!

Now I'm off to live some more of my country music obsessed life and go see KENNY CHESNEY in concert in Hot Lanta with one of my BFF's!! Definitely check back for a recap of that tomorrow!

Thanks for reading dolls!


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