The Amazing Spiderman Collection

June 2, 2012

Hello to all my lovely readers!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! It is time yet again for another nail post…some of my favorite to write!

2 things I absolutely love: nail polish and movies….and when you combine the 2 what do you have?! Some AMAZING nail polish collections by OPI based on some great movies. In the past they have released collections based off movies ranging from The Pirates of the Caribbean to Alice in Wonderland. This summer, their latest collection is based off of a movie that is a sure-to-be block buster hit…The Amazing Spiderman

As you probably guessed, I’m not the biggest fan of what I like to call “guy movies" containing (but not limited to) loud explosions, super heroes, bad guys, robots, fast cars, etc…but despite my dislike for guy movies, I was REALLY excited about OPI's "The Amazing Spiderman collection". WHY!? Because of all the superheroes Spiderman is hands-down my favorite (ok I will admit it is probably just because of the love story between Spidey and Mary Jane but that’s a legit reason right?!).

There are some really cool colors in this collection that totally scream “Spiderman” like the classic red and blue shades that match his suit. But there are also really unique colors such as “Just Spotted the Lizard” and “Number One Nemesis." There are 6 colors total in the collection with 1 new shatter called “Shatter the Scales.” Check out the swatches below….

The colors of The Amazing Spiderman Collection
Right: Colors without the "Shatter the Scales" topcoat
Left: With the shatter topcoat

The color that sparked my interest the most was “Just Spotted the Lizard.” I just LOVE the gold green color…and how it changes in different lighting! Very unique.

Just Spotted the Lizard
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 In my opinion “Just Spotted the Lizard” was a little light even with 2 coats, so to make it more opaque we put a base coat of this dark navy blue called “Light My Sapphire” (NOT from the Spiderman Collection but from a previous “Night Brights” Collection):

Light My Sapphire
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Here's how my nails turned out!!! I just love the look of "Just Spotted the Lizard" layered over "Light My Sapphire"....

Just Spotted the Lizard + Light My Sapphire

Instead of matching my toes with my nails, I wanted to get another color in the Spiderman collection so I went with the vibrant orange “Call Me Gwen-Ever” and put a coat of Gold Shatter over it (the Gold Shatter is NOT from the Spiderman collection). I LOVE the look of orange with gold! Here is how they turned out:

Call Me Gwen-Ever + Gold Shatter
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So what do you think of the Spiderman collection!? Have you or will you be trying any of these shades? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading…I appreciate your support SO very much!

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