Life Lately: A Huge Update & My First Post in a YEAR!

September 25, 2016

Hi dolls! 

Oh my goodness. It has literally been over a year since I have posted on my little corner of the Internet, on my beloved Ashley's Passion for Fashion. I started this blog back in 2011 as an outlet for me to share with whoever wanted to read about my LOVE for fashion. Since then, fashion blogs have exploded left and right, and also since then, my life has gotten INSANELY busy, and unfortunately posting about my passion for fashion took a backseat (however, that is not to say that I am not still SERIOUSLY obsessed with fashion). 

When I first started this blog FIVE (wow! FIVE!) years ago, I had just graduated from UT Knoxville (GO VOLS!!! Who saw that big W last night against the Gators?!) and was in the process of figuring out my future plans. Since my last post on June 12, 2015, a LOT has happened!!! I thought for my first post back, I would give y'all a little recap in pics (because if you didn't take a picture it didn't happen right??) 

1. I found the LOVE of my LIFE! He popped the question April 24 of this day EVER! More to come on that later :) We can't wait to become husband & wife! 

2. I graduated nursing school & work as a cardiac nurse now!! 

Our graduation caps are me & my bestie in a nutshell. Blingy with big hair! HA!

He is SO supportive of all my career hopes & dreams! 

3. I am currently studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner! This has been such a huge blessing in my life. I am SO thankful to God for all the doors He has opened. He has guided my path every step of the way and I continue to go where He leads!!! 

4. I bought a Tiffany Blue KitchenAid Mixer (or technically "Ice Blue" if you wanna get technical thanks to KitchenAid). Yes, that is a VERY important life event because it makes our life so much YUMMIER (is that even a word? lol). And also, I LOVE stay tuned for some home decor (and maybe even cooking) posts as well! 

Blueberry muffins made by ME (oh and THIS beautiful mixer)

 Blueberry cobbler. I promise I make more than just things with blueberries though...

Fall decor from Target & Hobby Lobby!

My black/white/gold/silver/Tiffany blue Christmas tree!

Queen of Southern Cuisine...or so I wish.... you can tell, life has been BUSY, but has been filled with SO MANY blessings!!! 

To make a long story short (if you call the above approximately 50 pictures short ;)), I want to start this blog back as just an outlet/hobby to post about fashion/beauty (I seriously have missed posting OOTD's and OOTN's), but also to document my journey of wedding planning, nursey life, travels, fun stuff my fiancé & I do together, home decor, and cooking! 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!!! Be checking back for my next post :) 


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