Hello, lover!

September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday, dolls! Hope y'all had a great weekend! 

So remember when I went to Chattanooga Fashion Week HERE? Well my girl Gracie could tell you that there was this AMAZING pair of heels I was obsessed with at the show.....I'm talking a pair of show-stopping heels that steal ALL your outfit's attention. I kept trying to take pictures of them with my iPhone while the model strutted down the runway but of course they turned out blurry and I left not knowing who made these fabulous shoes or where I could buy them. Despite never figuring out at the show who makes the gorgeous heels I never forgot about them. Fast forward a couple of weeks later when I was browsing around my local Dillard's. In a moment of pure fashion serendipity, the clouds parted and there, right in front of me, were THE shoes. It was a total Carrie Bradshaw moment and I couldn't help but think...."hello, lover".....

Instead of Monolo's like Carrie's on SATC, they were made by Jessica Simpson (maybe a step down from Monolo's but hey, I love me some Jessica Simpson nonetheless!). And I fell in LOVE in person just as much as I did seeing them on the runway. So one day a week after seeing them in Dillard's, my man & I were walking through the Dillard's shoe department when we walk by none other than MY shoes. I mention to him how "I LOVE these shoes, I saw them at Chattanooga Fashion Week and would love to have them one day." 

SO then....fast forward to last Sunday, September 9th, our 6th month anniversary. Bill got me a gift...and gave it to me a couple of days before our anniversary because he wanted me to "have a chance to wear them all weekend." So ladies and gents, what do YOU think he got me!?!? That's right.........the shoes of my dreams!!!! 

And ok, ok, I'm not going to lie. I cried. SHOES MAKE ME CRY TEARS OF JOY!!!!!  Also so does the thoughtfulness of the sweetest guy I've ever met!! Thank you SO much Bill...I love you and can't wait to wear these shoes ALL THE TIME. Here is a Polyvore I made of how I plan on wearing these beauties into the fall...

Styling: Jessica Simpson Heels

The Row long sleeve dress

Miss Selfridge peplum top

Helmut lang

Jessica simpson shoes

$185 - peeptoeshoes.com.au

Turquoise jewelry

So if you want to own a pair of these beauties yourself, check them out HERE!!!

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway for the chance to win a giftcard trio to 3 of my favorite stores...check it out HERE dolls!!!

Thanks SO much as always for reading.


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