How to Style a Chambray Shirt

September 28, 2012

Happy Friday beautiful readers!!!

I absolutely LOVE getting fashion questions from my friends. One of my good friends from college FB messaged me and said she had just bought a new chambray shirt but needed ideas on what to pair it with.

I absolutely LOVE the chambray shirt. They are the perfect combination of cute but casual....comfortable but stylish. Of course it's easy to style blue jean PANTS, but when it's a SHIRT, it gets a little trickier. Below I created 3 of my favorite ways to wear a chambray shirt: 

Styling: The Chambray Shirt

BLANK super skinny jeans
$100 -

Flat shoes
$105 -

Leopard shoes

1) With bright colored jeans: red is my personal favorite. I also LOVE the look with leopard print flats.

2) For a more conservative look, pair your chambray shirt with a neutral pencil skirt. This shows just how versatile a chambray shirt can be!

3) I LOVE a chambray shirt paired with black jeans. SOO very chic in my opinion. Pair it with riding boots & a black scarf for a casual but adorable fall look. 

So, lovely readers, how do YOU like to style a chambray shirt? Leave me a comment & let me know!!!

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Thanks SO much dolls!


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