September 20, 2012

Happy Thursday!

I am super happy to report to you (being the fashion reporter that I am) that polka dots are going to be BIG this fall. Honestly I have ALWAYS loved polka dots no matter if they are a "trend" of the season or not. Regardless I will be in luck this fall because when something is a trend you know what THAT means. Polka dots will be flooding the stores and filling our dreams with little circle cuteness (you don't dream about polka dots too?).

Polka dots are SO on trend this season that they were even spotted on the nails of models on the Kate Spade Fall 2012 runway.....

Tell me you don't just DIE when you see those gorgeous nails!? Especially in contrast with the red skirt....swoon! 

So having this screen shot stored away on my iPhone, I went into my last nail appointment wanting my nails to look just like the Kate Spade ones you see above. And of course, any blogger knows that an essential part of any manicure/pedicure session is Tweeting about it. So naturally that is the first thing I did. Literally a few seconds after I posted my Tweet, I get a notification on my phone....

Please tell me I'm not the only one who screenshots things like this :)
Oh HEY there, Kate Spade, favoriting my Tweet. As if that wasn't good enough....I also got a response from Kate (ok ok I am sure it was her PR team or whatever, but it still might as well have been Kate because I was SO excited & STILL am!): 

"Art of the Dot" is Kate Spade's Fall 2012 campaign celebrating...you guessed it...the polka dot! Just take a look at some of their campaign....

Image source

I really got my "art of the dot" on with my nails this time. I know I've raved about my nail technician on here before, but she is simply THE BEST. She can do simply ANYTHING! I was very happy with the way my nails turned out....

I was super excited that my nail technician was able to recreate the Kate Spade look! 

So what do you dolls think of polka dot nails? Will you be trying them this fall?

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