Halloween Weekend Recap!!!

October 28, 2012

Hi beautiful readers! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! It always seems like the weekend flies by and Monday rolls back around way too soon. This weekend was full of making some great memories (and taking lots of pictures) with my sweet boyfriend in my hometown!  

Thursday night we went out to dinner with my parents and saw Taken 2. I absolutely LOVED the original Taken movie (Hearing Liam Neeson say "I have a specialized set of skills...." never gets old) and enjoyed Taken 2 as well. Of course you know how sequels can be....sometimes predictable and usually NEVER as good as the first. Anyway enough about movies and on to the FASHION!!! I decided to pair my leopard print smoking slippers with my red jeans (I just LOVE the look of leopard print with red). Here was my OOTD/OOTN:

Jean jacket: Old Navy
Red jeans: American Eagle
White t-shirt: Philosophy
Smoking slippers: Target (remember when I bought them HERE?!)

Walking around in downtown Chattanooga after dinner!!
Purse: Charming Charlie's

Saturday we went out to lunch with my family and then ran around town putting together costumes for a Halloween party we attended that night. For a casual OOTD Saturday afternoon I wore a classic look: a black sweater with a trench coat and my black riding boots:

Trench coat: F21
Sweater: Kohl's
Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Arturo Chiang

With my sweet Nana!

So then the fun began of deciding on a Halloween costume for a party we had Saturday night (shout out to Cady & Kyle for throwing a super fun party!!!). We went through lots of ideas but finally decided on a cat and dog.....me being the cat and Bill being the dog. You know....the dog always chases the cat, so that's an appropriate couples costume right? Originally the idea was to do something like "raining cats and dogs" and have an umbrella, etc....but the idea of carrying props around all night wasn't all that appealing. :) 

Ladies if you're looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume a cat is the ticket! All of the Halloween stores (Party City, Halloween Express, etc) have TONS of cat accessories (ears, tails, masks, etc). I decide this would be an easy but cute idea because I could pair clothes I already own with cat accessories. I decided to wear all black (black pants & a top) and be a black cat. I topped the look off with red lipstick (I LOVE the shade....it's called "Love That Red" #725 by Revlon). I mean let's be honest, what cat doesn't like a little red lipstick?

Here's how our costumes turned out....


Black long-sleeve t-shirt: H&M
Black pants: H&M
Heels: Guess
Cat Accessories: Party City :)

He's SUCH a good sport for letting me paint his face and making him my playful pup! :) 

So who all is dressing up for Halloween!? Leave me a comment and let me know what you're going to be!!!

Thank you as always for reading!! :) 


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