OOTD: Ballet Buns & Scarves

October 27, 2012

Happy Saturday dolls!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!! I know mine has been great. My sweet boyfriend is in Chattanooga this weekend to visit & we have had an awesome weekend so far. 

I wanted to do a quick post this afternoon on an OOTD I wore last week. So ladies, you know about those hair days where your hair just isn't cooperating and all you want to do is just get it out of your way so you can move on with your day? I was having one of THOSE hair days last week on my way to class so the perfect solution = a ballet bun. A big, over-the-top, Carrie Bradshaw-esque big ballet bun to sit on the top of my head as a no-fuss hairdo where I could get on with my day! Not to mention it literally took me 5 minutes to style. Paired with a scarf, t-shirt (by the way, a very FABULOUS Marc Nelson Denim t-shirt, check them out here) and jeans and I was out the door (but not before I took a few photos for my blog. Priorities!)....

T-Shirt: Marc Nelson Denim (HERE)
Scarf: New York & Co.
Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Ballet Flats: BCBG

Hope y'all have a super stylish weekend. I'm signing off to go shop around for a costume to wear for a Halloween party the BF & I are attending tonight. We have some good ideas....hope we can pull it off :) Isn't Halloween so much fun!? Be looking for a blog post on THAT soon! 

Thank you for reading dolls!!!


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