'Tis the Season for Christmas Nails

December 15, 2012

Happy Saturday dolls!

I again would like to just reiterate how happy I am to be back blogging. As I've noted before, I'm still working on getting everything back to exactly the way it was pre-hacking, but also I wanted to make some changes too, which is why I decided to order a new template designed by the super talented Sarah Darr (check out her blog HERE featuring her awesome Etsy designs)!! I wanted something fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous! :) Sarah was a doll and so great to work with so if you're looking for something new for your blog be sure to check her out. 

There are so many things I love about Christmas, and one of them is deciding what I want on my nails for Christmas day! :) HA! I know that probably sounds ridiculous to some, but I seriously always look forward to deciding what I want on them.....Christmas tree? Candy cane stripes? Rudolph? The possibilities are endless!! :) This year my SUPER awesome and lovely nail tech had found a cute design on Pinterest using OPI's Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Collection (I have a post on that collection but I am still working on recovering it). I loved this design because it was simple but festive and Christmas-y all at the same time! :) Here is how they turned out.....

Glitter Top Coat: Rainbow Connection
Base Coat: Pearl of Wisdom

Of course the Christmas fun didn't stop with my finger nails! My toes were also invited to the party :) On them we went with a Christmas version of French tips with OPI's Red Hot Gift for the base coat (even the name of the polish is totes Christmas appropriate, no?) and green glitter for the tips. SO cute!!!

{Disclaimer: taking pictures of your feet can be incredibly awkward and difficult. Try it out and you'll see what I mean. Hopefully this doesn't look as awkward as I felt taking it! HA! Anything in the name for a blog post though!}

To get your gears turning for Christmas nail ideas, I thought I'd post some of my faves from Pinterest: 

                                                         Source: artists4life.blogspot.com via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                              Source: polish2times.com via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                   Source: letthemhavepolish.com via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                           Source: goosesglitter.com via Ashley on Pinterest

So what are you planning on getting on your nails this holiday season?! I love reading your comments so be sure to fill me in! :)

Thank you SO incredibly much for reading dolls!! Hope you're having a fab weekend :)



  1. So pretty!

    I love the top picture!

    =) Brooke

    1. Thanks so much girl! :) I wish I could get ALL of these on my nails! haha!

  2. Your nails are always so cute!!! I really wanna try a velvet mani, they look awesome!!

    1. Aw thanks so much girl! :) I know exactly what you mean; I want to try a velvet mani too!

  3. the candy cane designs are to die for. @kiki i'm digging the velvet mani. I was wondering what it was called.


    1. I know right?! Love the velvet mani too. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! XOXO


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