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December 17, 2012

Hi dolls!

Can you believe there are only 7 shopping days left until Christmas?! If you're anything like me, you may be really close to being done but still need to pick up a few last minute things. With that in mind, I thought I would create a list of my 10 FAVORITE things from this year. While I wish I could give all my sweet readers each item on my Favorite Things List just like Oprah, these pictures will have to suffice :)....

1. Lifeproof iPhone Case: $69.99

The background story behind my amazing Lifeproof iPhone Case is rather, well...embarrassing :). I purchased this pretty little case after I dropped my iPhone in the.....wait for it.....toilet. Yes, you read that right.... the toilet. After retrieving my iPhone and drying it off, it magically still worked. That was when I knew I needed a case that would protect it no matter the conditions it finds itself (I ALWAYS manage to drop my phone. Although it WAS the first time it's found its way into the toilet! ha!). I was originally thinking of an Otter Box, but when I went into Mac Authority they recommended a Life Proof case because it was much thinner, lighter, and was WATER proof (aka toilet proof) and SHOCK proof (aka ASHLEY proof). I couldn't be happier with this case! I mean seriously....I can text or answer important phone calls IN THE SHOWER. And not to mention how AWESOME this case will be next summer at the beach! This would be a great gift for anyone with an iPhone who may just be as clumsy as me :) They are also available for the iPhone 5 now! 

Check these cases out HERE!!!

2. Forever Red Shower Gel by Bath & Body Works: $18

So my sweet bf got me this body wash for our anniversary, and LET ME TELL YOU this stuff is AMAZING. It smells fantastic and it makes your skin so very soft! The scent also stays with you all day; just what I love about a body wash! This will be the perfect gift for any lady on your shopping list :)

Check it out HERE!!!  

3. Bath & Body Works Body Butter: $15

I have tried SO many different lotions from Bath & Body Works, but the body butter is my hands-down favorite. It has shea and murumuru butters AND coconut oil....super luxurious but non-greasy and lightweight. I love applying right out of the shower for the ultimate moisturizing treat that for real keeps my skin moisturized all day long! :) 

View all of the collection HERE {I definitely recommend the fragrance Secret Wonderland-it's delightful!}

4. Forever 21 scarf: $8.80

I bought a lime green scarf I wore on Thanksgiving from Forever 21 for under $10 and I just LOVE it. It's so cozy, warm and adds an instant pop of color to any ensemble (also available in pink, coral, blue, and black). This would make such a perfect gift for any special lady on your list at a very reasonable price!

Check out my favorite F21 scarf online HERE!

5. Marc Nelson Denim T-Shirt: $35-$50. 

I firmly believe that every fashionista should own a few basic, solid colored t-shirts. They are SO versatile and can be worn with multiple ensembles: layered under a blazer, paired with a scarf, or worn as the perfect backdrop for your statement jewelry. With this in mind, I'm so happy to say that one brand of t-shirts I LOVE is Marc Nelson Denim. My favorite style is the women's vee (for $39.99 here). For just a reminder on how much I love them, HERE is the post when I paired mine with a scarf & ballet bun for a casual fall day....

Check out MND women's shirts HERE

6. Clarisonic Mia brush: $119

If you remember my Christmas recap post from last year HERE, my Nana got me a Clarisonic Mia brush which I absolutely have LOVED ever since I got it a year ago. It is perfect for deep-cleaning and removing ALL of my makeup. It also makes my face supaaa smooth. 

Check it out at Sephora online HERE {available in SO many adorable colors!}

7. Naked 2 Eye Palette: $50

Before I bought both the Naked 1 and 2 eye palettes this past February (read about that experience HERE), I was always in search of different eyeshadows and would use many different kinds. However, 10 months later and I am STILL hooked on these eye palettes! If you only get one, I find myself using Naked 2 Eye Palette the most. I absolutely LOVE the shades for EVERY occasion: day and night. They help you create the PERFECT smokey eye! Ahhhh in love! 

Check it out HERE!

8. Crafts & Love Jewelry: Range in Prices! 

I am SO sad to say that I have yet to be able to recover my blog post that I wrote about Crafts and Love Jewelry so I can't link back to it, but I wanted to share some of my pictures from that post and say that it is DEFINITELY on my favorites list this year. If you remember, this jewelry line was started by one of my friends and girls I graduated high school with, Courtney. She is a doll and the jewelry is fabulous. I absolutely love the Abebe statement gold bib necklace {pictured below}. If you want to order something for yourself or as a gift, be sure to do so soon as the shop will be closed December 21st to January 1st. I know I have ordered a couple of Christmas gifts for my family this year! She has some BEAUTIFUL pieces! :) 

Check out Crafts and Love's Jewelry Etsy store HERE

9. Longchamp Bag: "Le Pliage" Line: $100

When my sweet bf returned from his summer studying abroad in Paris, he brought me back the perfect gift....a Longchamp bag in the "Le Pliage" line. When he gave it to me, I had NO idea how much I would fall in love with it! It's seriously the PERFECT bag and I have been carrying it since this summer. Yes, I am the girl that carries her LIFE in her purse {and yes, I hate to admit it probably weighs 15 pounds....} and this bag can not only hold everything but is super comfortable to carry my life in-HAHA! It also comes in a variety of colors which is also a huge bonus! Here is how I wore it this summer....

Check out the Le Pliage line HERE!

10. Nail polish: James Bond Collection: Approx $8 a bottle

Finally, a Favorite Things List from this makeup, clothes and NAIL POLISH obsessed girl would NOT be complete without featuring my favorite nail polish collection of 2012. While there were MANY nail polishes I tried all year long, my favorite was released this by OPI this holiday season: the James Bond Collection. The shades were stunning and had a little something for everyone (and to last you the whole holiday). Be sure to read my post about it HERE!

I hope this list of my favorite things might give y'all some last minute Christmas gift ideas! :) 

Thank you SO much as always for reading, dolls!!



  1. Great choices! I think some of these things are going to make it to my list as well.

  2. Loving that white sweater! Super cute!

    Gotta have a Clarisonic! I love my Mia!

    =) Brooke

    1. Aw thanks so much Brooke! I know what you mean; can't live without my Clarisonic! :) XOXO

  3. Hey! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog and for following! I am following your lovely blog back on GFC, Bloglovin, and Twitter! I love your style and I look forward to keeping in touch.


    1. :) Thanks so much girl! Can't wait to keep in touch :) XOXO

  4. These are some great pics! i would not mind having one of each lol! Everytime i see pitures of you i cant help but think shes so cute lol! love the blonde hair!!

    1. AWWW you are SO precious girl!!! :) thank you SO very much; I appreciate it so much! XOXO <3


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