Tea With Nana!

May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous week! The title of this blog post makes me so happy :). I absolutely love going to eat lunch with my Nana at a local Tea Cottage (read back on when I got tea with Nana when I first started this blog HERE). It's just the epitome of femininity to me: dressing up, sipping peach sweet tea, enjoying the delicious lunch served on flower-trimmed china, and sharing in a heart-to-heart with my grandmother! That's what being a girl is all about! I absolutely love it. So, to get tea with my Nana yesterday, I decided to wear a girly blue and white polka dotted peplum top, white pants & heels! :) Can't go wrong with peplum in my book. I'm seriously obsessed with these peplum tops lately! :) Here's how my look turned out...

Top: Timing
Jeans: Gap
Heels: BCBG (here)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

My only regret is not taking a picture with my sweet Nana at lunch! But here's a few pics I did capture from our tea outing :)

I just love the girliness of the table setting!

My amazing lunch: chicken salad sandwich with a side salad!

Yummy! Writing this post made me hungry again :) See what I mean about the pretty china?! It was such a great day. I just love spending time with my precious Nana--moments I will remember the rest of my life! Every time I'm with her she reminds me of how much she is always praying for me and it's amazing how God's love is constantly revealed to me through those in my life such as Nana! :) 

Hope y'all have a blessed day! Thanks for reading!



  1. This is such a sweet idea! My great grandma loves crafting and sewing so we sometimes go to the local craft store together, she can spend hours in there looking at everything! I appreciate every minute of it though! Gorgeous outfit by the way!

    The Impossibly Cute

    1. :) Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! That sounds like such a precious time with your great grandma! :) I always treasure the time I get with my Nana too! :) Thank you for stopping by girl! Headed over to your blog now :) XOXO

  2. Ashley let me just tell you that I LOVE your peplum shirt. It suits your body figure amazing. Just perfect :D. I love spending time with my Nana too, we are really close. Every summer I visit and stay with her at least for a week.

    xoxo Nika

    1. Thank you so very much girl! :) Time with Nana's is the best! :) XOXO


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