{A Casual Stroll in the Park}

October 6, 2016

 {Outfit Details}
Hat: Target (here, and on sale!)
T-shirt: Old Navy (here)
Cardigan: Old Navy (not online, similar here)
Pants: Old Navy (here)
Booties: Old Navy (not online, but I must have the ones here)
Necklace: Not sure where I got this haha! Similar here

Happy Thursday dolls!!

Today I'm sharing with you one of my go-to looks for fall. I have spent most of this week in Nashville for school, and one night my Mom & I decided to take a stroll in Centennial Park & take pictures for the blog....errrr I mean, take a stroll ;). It really is beautiful here!! 

This time of year can be hard to dress for in the South. Usually the temps are super chilly in the morning but by the late afternoon the temps can climb into the 80's! The key to dressing for this type of weather is layers! I absolutely LOVE Old Navy's boyfriend t-shirts (which I am wearing above). I always size-up so I can wear them off-the-shoulder. I seriously have them in a few colors--I stocked up last year in black/white/gray/patterned. They are also SUPER cute with jeans & a scarf. So, in the AM it's a cardigan but by afternoon the cardigan can go and it's time to rock the t-shirt :) 

I have been obsessed with fall hats ever since they first became a trend for fall a few years ago (check out how I've worn the fall hat on APFF before HERE). They add such a unique twist of style to an outfit, and not to mention, they can cover your roots when you need a touch-up (yes, I need to get my roots done again ASAP, and no, I'm not a natural blonde!! ::insert Dolly Parton joke about being blonde: "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb, and I also know that I'm not blonde": Dolly said it best, per the usual!). Anyway, I digress. So, yes I need to get my roots done, no I'm not a natural blonde, and YES I love fall hats!! This one I'm wearing in my #OOTD is from Target. Target seriously always scores in the fashion department, especially with accessories. Guilty as charged for going into Target for "just a few groceries" and leaving with just a few fall accessories. Oops.... ;) girl problems I guess!

So what are your favorite fall accessories? Leave me a comment and tell me more! :) Thank you SO much for reading y'all! 



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