ME to WE: Christmas Gifts to Give Back

December 18, 2017

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"One gift can change the world."

How powerful is that statement?! 

If y'all have been following along on my blog for a little while now, you may have read my post last year on the amazing organization Me to We and the impact that ONE gift can have on helping give a better life for a family, child, or community (read my post last year HERE). This organization helps "break the cycle of poverty through five Pillars of Impact: Education, Water, Health, Food and Opportunity." (Read all about this organization at their website HERE).

In my life, I have been so blessed to have all of those pillars - education, water, health, food and opportunity. I have had the freedom to live in this country and pursue different opportunities through education, I have access to clean water and food daily, and I have had my health - all of which I am SO thankful to have! However, I always believe it is SO important to reflect and think about how others may not be as fortunate to have these opportunities. When Me to We reached out to share their new products with me, I could not help but think how important it is to give back this holiday season! How AMAZING is it to think that through your purchase, you can help give a child, family, or community access to education, water, health, food and opportunity?! All of those things that I have at some point in my life taken for granted (I mean, I cannot even imagine how horrible it would be to not have clean water), are all true GIFTS to someone else who goes without. 

With each product you buy from Me to We (shop the entire product line HERE), you are helping to give one of those five Pillars to a community in need (I would also like to point out that there are SO many awesome gifts at a variety or price ranges, as low as $9.99). On the website, you can actually "Shop by Impact" which I love - meaning you can specifically select gifts that will give the pillar of your choosing (education, water, health, food and opportunity) to those in need. Based on my career in the healthcare field, all of these pillars hold a special place in my heart. Each gift is even more meaningful because each was hand-crafted by someone in those communities that Me To We gives back to (i.e. in Kenya or Ecuador), which helps empower these women to earn a sustainable income! Seriously the greatest concept. 

When you receive your gift in the mail, it will have on the back of the product package a code in which you can actually track your impact at to learn exactly how the product your purchased helps those in need. Seriously - what an impact you can make with one gift and actually to see the impact and how it helps others is SO special. 

I am so passionate about this organization and the change they are trying to make in this world! Remember, YOU can make a difference!!! I want to say a special thank you to Me to We for sponsoring today's post. I feel so fortunate to have this platform to share your message with others, and thank you for giving me the opportunity!!! Be sure to check out their site and shop the site for some amazing Christmas gift ideas!!! 


Thank you to Me to We for sponsoring today's posts. As always, all opinions are my own. I only share with you, my blog readers, what I truly believe in and I am so passionate about this cause! Thank you for reading. 

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