A Beauty Investment Worth Making

November 2, 2011

Happy November! Tonight I wanted to share with you one of the best investments I ever made….way back in the SEVENTH grade. This was the grade I was in when my mom took me to have a makeup lesson at the Trish McEvoy makeup counter and what an invaluable lesson it turned out to be! I STILL use the techniques I learned way back when and tonight I wanted to show you the best investment we made that day: makeup brushes.

Good quality makeup brushes can be very expensive but are totally worth it. While expensive upfront, the years of use you get out of good quality makeup brushes far exceeds the initial cost. I've used mine now for TEN years & they are still in excellent condition. To maintain your makeup brushes for years to come, use a makeup brush bath (I use the Trish McEvoy brand: Trish McEvoy Brush Bath).

So if you’re in need of some good makeup brushes, the following are my favorite:

For your eyes:

Brush #10 Eye Shadow Brush
I use this brush to put on my base eye shadow shade all over the entire eyelid and brow bone. I usually use a light, shimmery color to highlight my brow bone and this brush allows for easy all-over application.  

Image via:

Brush #29 Tapered Blending
This brush is perfect for applying eye shadow. I use this on my eyelid to apply my color of choice (usually a brown shade) and it is also perfect for applying a contrasting shade in your crease.

$32. Buy here: Brush 29 Tapered Blending
Brush #11 Precise Eye Lining
This is the brush that inspired me to write this post (this brush is featured in the November issue of Lucky magazine! Like I said, a good brush is DEFINITELY worth the investment. I mean the exact brush I bought 10 years ago is in a 2011 magazine!) If you only buy ONE makeup brush this is the one I cannot live without: my eyeliner brush! It is absolutely FANTASTIC. You can use it with powder or liquid liner (I prefer powder). It is a firm, flat brush and makes applying eye liner quick and easy. All you do is dab your eyeliner brush into the powder and dab it on your lash line. It is not necessary to DRAW but rather just press the brush tip firmly to your eyelid and move to the next empty space etc until your eye is lined!

$25. Buy here: Brush 11 Precise Eye Lining

For your face:

Brush #2b Sheer Blush
This is the best brush for applying blush! I love the shape; it allows for easy application of blush to the apples of my cheeks.
$48. Buy here: Brush 2b Sheer Blush

Brush #37 Bronzer
I use this brush for bronzer but you could use it for loose powder too. It is soft, fluffy, and is great for covering a wider area. Absolutely fabulous!

$68. Buy here: Brush 37 Bronzer

I want to end by asking, would anyone be interested in me posting a VLOG (Video blog) of how I use the Trish eyeliner brush?? I think it is a GREAT technique and if there is interest, I would love to show everyone how I use it to apply eyeliner! Leave me a comment on this post if you’re interested!!!!

Thank you SO much for reading!!!


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