Reader Q&A: Arm Party Edition

January 11, 2012

Hello dolls! How is your week? I hope everyone is doing great! 

I absolutely love when you, my lovely readers, leave me comments on myå blog! It can really start up a fun conversation. On my last post on arm parties (read HERE), one of my dear friends left a comment that has inspired me to do a whole new post to answer her questions!

So my lovely friend left me a comment which asked 2 questions…
1)    my parents got me a diamond tennis bracelet for graduation, and it's off being fitted right now, but do you have any suggestions for ways to pair it with more casual bracelets? i'd love to be able to dress it down occasionally.
2)    also, have you seen any cute but still cheap bangles?

To dress down a diamond bracelet, keep in mind CONTRAST & pick bracelets that have a more casual vibe.  Here are some cute arm party ideas to dress down a diamond bracelet...

1.    GIRLY
Pair your diamond bracelet with a ribbon bracelet + charm bracelets for a girly look! Some cute ones….

This Betsy Johnson bracelet has is the epitome of girly with ribbons AND a charm. It would look great paired with a gold diamond bracelet!
Check it out HERE!

This Forever 21 ribbon bracelet is so pretty and would help dress down a diamond bracelet.
Find it HERE

The heart charm bracelet...a classic that would also help dress down a diamond bracelet!
Find it HERE

Let your diamonds just peak through in the middle of 2 (or 3…or 4…depending on how much of a party you really want to have!) leather bracelets. I LOVE the contrast of diamonds with something as casual as leather. 
Pair this leather bracelet with a diamond bracelet to make it more casual.
Check it out HERE

I love the metal & leather detail on this cuff. Totally says tough girl, no?

      For a hip, bohemian vibe pair your diamond bracelet with friendship and rope bracelets. For example…
This black friendship bracelet would be the perfect way to add contrast and dress down a diamond bracelet.
Find here

A diamond bracelet would be a nice contrast to these more casual bracelets.
Check them out here!

4.    POP OF COLOR (POC…à la Brad Goreski on “Brad Brad World” on Bravo):
Add a pop of color to your arm party by incorporating another casual element: beaded or plastic bright colored bracelets! For example…I love the pairing of turquoise + a silver diamond bracelet and coral + a gold diamond bracelet. Take a look at these…
This turquoise bracelet from Forever 21 would add a casual element to a diamond bracelet. Love!
Charlotte Russe Palm Beach Bangle. I love the coral shade! This would be fab to dress down a gold diamond bracelet.
Be sure to check it out HERE

So hopefully those tips help give some ideas on how to dress down a diamond bracelet!

To answer the question of where to find cute but still cheap bangles, I have looked around and have found that my old standby Forever 21 has some great options right now. In fact they have bangles GALORE….look at this picture I snapped in F21 of their bangle bin last week:

They have SO many bangles to choose from…all different textures, colors, & even shapes. My friend also said she liked the look of Tiffany’s bangles and these reminded me of Tiffany’s…

Similar to a Tiffany's bangle but for only about $4...for THREE! What a great deal

But are only $3.80!!!! Compared to the high price of a Tiffany’s bangle I say that’s a pretty good deal!

Here is a collage of some of my favorite cheap bangles and the different stores I have found them in:

1) F21 Textured Bangle Set - $4.80
2) F21 Dimpled Bangles- $4.80
3) Liz Claiborne Bracelets-$17.99
4) F21 Solid Bracelet Set-$5.80
5) Color Craze Bangle Bracelet-$10
6) Charlotte Russe Etch & Sketch Bangle Set- $6
7) F21 Night Out Bangle Set-$4.80 
8) F21 Curved Bangle Set-$5.80
9) F21 Studded Bangle Set- $8.80

If you ever have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section on any of my posts or send me an email at!! It may give me some great ideas for a newpost!  I so appreciate you taking the time to read and follow my blog!


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