"Never underestimate a girl with a French manicure..."

January 31, 2012

Hello lovely readers!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! I have a crazy busy week which translates into a quick and kind of random nail post (and my last post for January)! So do you know who spoke the famous lines I used in the title of this post? One of my favorite movie characters of all time, the one & only Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!! (Except she finished the quote by saying "...and a Harvard law degree." While I don't have the law degree I've got the French manicure covered this week!).

So as you can guess, when I went to get my nails done last week, I was in the mood for something classic and simple on my fingernails. Of course the first thing that comes to mymind (and obvi Elle Woods' mind) is a classic French manicure. I love the way a French manicure gives your nails a clean and classy look. I also love that French manicures go with anything you wear!!! What more could you ask for from your nail polish?? :) Here is how myFrench manicure turned out....

If you want an even MORE natural look, an American manicure is also a great option. An American manicure uses a more neutral beige color instead of the bright white on the tips. I sometimes get this and love it too!  

Check out this really cool tutorial I found on Pinterest on how to do your own at-home French manicure:

In other nail news, OPI’s new Spring/Summer collection comes out in February!! Their newest collection is named after Holland and the colors look gorgeous. I also LOVE the advertisement for it...can I please have this yellow dress? That would be great, k thanks!  (ps forgive the bad quality...snapped this from a magazine ad).

It’s going to be a great collection & I can’t wait to use it. My favorites so far are the hot pink called “Kiss Me on My Tulips,” and the two coral/red colors “Red Lights Ahead…Where?” and “Roll in the Hague”!! I'll definitely be trying these soon so keep a look out for that post!

Hope you dolls have a great week & thank you very much for reading!


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