Sealed with a Kiss: Bright and Bold Lips Fall 2011

October 14, 2011

 Happy 1 month old birthday to my blog!!! I thought I would seal this birthday with a kiss and blog today about a Fall 2011 beauty trend I’m LOVING right now…bright and bold lips!!!

One problem I’ve had with creating a bright lip look is making it bright and bold enough…it seems a lot of the colors I buy are never as bright on my lips as they appear in the tube. That was the problem I had until I discovered the “Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color” lip pencils made by Urban Decay. I am absolutely in LOVE with this stuff! They are SO cool because they are in a tube like a lip pencil, but they go on creamy and bold like a lip stick. The shades can either be worn by themselves for a brighter, more matte look OR with gloss on top.

I own 2 colors, one a matte BRIGHT pink shade called “Crush”:

and I also own a bright red, shimmery color called “Adrenaline.”

Wearing "Adrenaline" on my b-day this year!

You can buy these AMAZING lip pencils here from Sephora: Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

And here are some pictures of how bright lips are being worn by celebrities:

Alexis Bledel with hot pink lips!

Taylor Swift with her signature bright red lips!

Emma Stone also with bright pink lips!

A tip for wearing bright lips: keep the rest of your makeup simple! I also like to make sure that my bright lips don’t clash with my favorite is to wear black and add a bright lip!

So what do you think of this beauty trend? Leave me a comment & tell me your thoughts!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I'm headed up to Knoxville to go to the UT game!!! Goooooo Vols!!!


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