Bring on the Bling!

October 6, 2011

Good evening dolls! It's time for another nail post! One of my favorite nail polish colors is "Bring on the Bling" from the Burlesque collection. It's a beautiful gold glitter mixture that I've worn many times just by itself. However today I took some inspiration from a picture I saw on Lauren Conrad's blog of a French manicure with gold glitter tips! I love this look because it's natural looking but if you look closer the hint of glitter adds a punch of fun...and who doesn't love fun! Here's how my nails turned out:

And here is the picture I took my inspiration from on LC's blog:

On my toes I went for something fun as well. I know on my last nail post (I Brake for Manicures) I talked about how much I love dark colors for fall...but today I was in the mood for a brighter color. I went with "I Eat Mainely Lobster" (even though this statement is false: I hate seafood haha) from OPI's Touring America collection. This shade reminds me of a toned-down version of one of my fave OPI shades "Cajun Shrimp" (shrimp and lobster anyone?! Why do I love the colors that have to do with seafood??) Although "I Eat Mainely Lobster" is bright, it is still part of OPI's new fall collection so I figured it was fall appropriate.

Oh how I love OPI....I would love to work for OPI and help name their nail polishes hahaha; I have some great ideas for collections (i.e. Egyptian collection featuring rich jewel tones ---turquoise, sapphire, ruby, gold etc to match the colors of Egyptian royalty like King Tut's mask ---and also sand colors to match the desert/sand with names like "I Sphinx I'm in Love"!!! LOL told ya I've thought a lot about this....if anyone from OPI is reading this, please hire me!!! ****EDIT: I went to Ulta after I wrote this & there's already an OPI shade called "I Pink I Love You" see I can totally work for them!!!)

Ok sorry got a little side-tracked, but anyway here is a pic of muh toes:

Flip Flops: Yellow Box (my fave!)

So, what color are you wearing on your nails/toes right now?? Leave a comment below for moi and do tell! Have a great day and thank you for reading!!


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