Fashion Fab & Fail Fri....errr Saturday??

May 26, 2012

Hello my dear readers!

Ok ok ok, I know it’s called Fashion Fab & Fail FRIDAY….and today is technically SATURDAY, but I am writing this post just a wee bit late because I spent yesterday with my sweet boyfriend who “left on a jet plane” (see how I quoted that song?) last night for a whole MONTH to study abroad in Paris, France (cue the waterworks….runny mascara is not a cute look, maybe I was fashion fail at the airport yesterday?). So please forgive my late posting…but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

This past Sunday was the Billboard Music Awards and my Fashion Fab of the week goes to one of my hands-down favorite singers of all time and person in general Taylor Swift (have you seen my other T Swift posts? HERE and HERE…I know, I’m obsessed. What else is new?!).

She arrived in a GORGEOUS red lace gown by Elie Saab. I love this look on her for many reasons: 1) RED…so glamorous for an awards show. 2) I like the length of the gown….she is tall and this really shows off her great figure. 3) The sheer upper part of this gown is TOTALLY in right now! Some sort of sheer element has been incorporated into many celebrities’ gowns lately. 4) HER. HAIR. IS. AMAZING. T Swizzle has recently been sporting this new look…straight with bangs…and I am seriously in love. While the curly has been her signature look for quite some time, I feel that her new look is definitely a more sophisticated look.

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My fashion fail of the week goes to Kristen Stewart at the Cannes Film Festival last week. She wore some wild Balenciaga pants and a Rebecca Minkoff blazer that I just found too crazy. I always love a blazer and I love heels so I like those two elements of this outfit. HOWEVER, those pants are just WAY too wild for my taste. I’m not sure what to think of the yellow ripped pattern on top of what looks like sprinkle covered pants…..yikes Kristen!!!!

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Thank you SO much for reading & I hope you have a very stylish weekend!!!


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