Shoe Shopping at Target

May 10, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping at Target, however it can be hit or miss for me in the fashion department. Usually the constants I can count on are cute jewelry and accessories. HOWEVER, I haven’t really found any shoes I liked there in a LONG time…until now. The time is now ladies to run to your local Target and check out the shoe aisle…cause let me tell you it is FABULOUS! The prices range from $9 (YES I saw a pair on sale for 9 dollas!) to around $30! Not so bad!

Some of my favorite shoes in stores right now:
Leopard Print Heelz (I feel like leopard print is too cool so you have to put a Z on the heel):

I didn't buy these but $30 is a pretty good deal.
Find them HERE

These yellow/grey wedges. I have always LOVED the color combination of yellow with grey….and I have a dress that I knew would TOTALLY match!

Buy here

They also had them in navy blue and green. These would look adorable with dark wash jeans and a green or white top….or a cute sundress.

Buy here

They also have a look-alike pair of my Guess black heels I wear ALL THE TIME (they cost around $70) for a reasonable $30. IF you don’t own a pair of patent leather stiletto heels….STOP reading this post and run to the store RIGHT NOW and buy some!!! I promise you won’t regret it and will wear them WAY more than you initially realize because they go with EVERYTHING. And doesn’t every girl need that 1 pair of shoes that goes with everything???


You may call me Captain Obvious with this next statement, but one of the best things about Target are the SALES….especially when the sales extend to really adorable shoes that you’ve had your eyes on for a couple of weeks. Enter these turquoise wedges. When I originally saw them they were $30 but now they are on sale for $20!!!!! I have so many outfits planned for these (color blocking anyone?)…..

Buy here

Speaking of SALES…how about the ULTIMATE in sales? A $30 pair of shoes on sale for $8….what, you don’t believe me? I wouldn’t believe me either but I saw it with my OWN eyes. These adorable heels were on sale for $8.

So if you get nothing else out of this post just remember this: If you need new shoes, GO TO TARGET!!!!!!! They have the absolute CUTEST shoes right now that won’t break the bank!!!

Thank you for reading dolls!


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