"Honey I Shrunk the Dress…”: What To Do When Your Dress Shrinks in the Wash

May 27, 2012

Hi dolls!

So today I wanted to present you with a fashion dilemma and a solution. What do you do when one of your favorite dresses shrinks in the wash??

My initial reaction: OH NO! Where is the number to the Fashion Emergency hotline when I need it?!? I purchased this red dress from a boutique in New Orleans so it’s not easily replaceable and it was going to be one of my favorite things to wear this summer (especially since Kip Moore, a new country singer, has a song that says “there’s somethin’ about a girl in a red sundress…”).

Here is a picture of my red dress in its better days moments after I purchased it in New Orleans:

Well since the Fashion Emergency hotline is non-existent (YET…would that not be cool to have a number to call whenever you had a fashion emergency?!) I had to think of my own solution. So what do you do when your dress shrinks in the wash??? Well if it were winter the solution would be easy: add TIGHTS! But since it’s obviously not winter the solution to this problem was a bit trickier. That is until I thought of a solution that just might work: JEGGINGS…Capri jeggings to be exact! (It might have even worked with jeans…if they were tight enough!). Why not turn my too-short dress into a top??? This also could have worked with white jeans/jeggings but those are still on my shopping list.

So if your dress ever shrinks in the wash maybe this blog post will give you some hope…you don’t have to completely stop wearing something that has shrunk just add jeggings (or tights if the weather is cooler)! 

Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend y’all!


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