OPI Nail Lacquer Strips: Fun & Fancy Nails!

May 6, 2012

Hello DOLLS!

Lacquer strips have been huge lately in the wide world of NAILS (not sports, sorry boys). There are SO many brands to choose from right now and to make matters MORE confusing, OPI just released their own line. So before I went to get my nails done for the Kentucky Derby I knew I needed something that would stand out in a big way to go with my dress and hat. So to Ulta I went with a mission to find the perfect nail look for Derby weekend! 

I was SO impressed with all the many pretty patterns OPI has out in their nail lacquer strips. The one I picked for the Derby is a mixture of silver glitter, pink, black, red, and blue. They were around $12 from Ulta.

My amazing nail technician had a lot of positive things to say about OPI’s version of nail lacquer strips. She mentioned they were MUCH softer than the ones I used by Betsey Johnson (click HERE for that post) meaning they conformed to my nail shape and stuck to my nails much better. Overall they were easier to apply. However she said they were about the same quality as far as she could tell as the Sally Hensen ones. I was VERY happy with the results…they are just as shiny as regular nail polish! I am interested to see how long they last. The Betsey Johnson ones started to chip after a couple of days but a top coat was not used…this time we used a top coat so hopefully the OPI strips will last longer! Here is how they turned out:

I wanted a hot pink color for my toes to blend in with my nail polish so I went with "That's Berry Daring." To make my toes tie in even BETTER with my nails, my nail technician decided to put silver glitter polka dots on top! Here is how they turned out….

OPI "That's Berry Daring"

So have you tried nail lacquer strips?? What are your favorite brands!?

Thank you SO much dolls!!! Have a WONDERFUL rest of your weekend!!!


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