Favorites (and one least fave) from the Met Gala

May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday sweethearts!

One of fashion’s BIGGEST nights was last night… the Met Gala. This is the event where stars come in nothing but the best; you will see ALL the big names of fashion there. Being the fashion-obsessed person I am I spent my evening stalking Tweets and websites for pictures of the stars in their gowns. It’s like watching a baseball game & trying to keep score….except instead of homeruns & outs you have the best and worst dressed celebrities (making sports analogies in reference to fashion??? My efforts to keep my male readers entertained, you know I love yall too…)

So naturally today I wanted to do a recap & show you what some of MY personal faves were: 

Julianne Hough:

Image source

I admit it. I am slightly obsessed with Julianne Hough (for those of you keeping track of the celebrities I have admitted being obsessed with on my blog, they are, in no particular order: Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton, Angelina Jolie, and Julianne Hough). I just think she is beyond beautiful and is always so fashion-forward. (not to mention super talented…did anyone see Footloose?! That girl’s got moves!!!!!). As if her just being herself wasn’t enough to win me over to what she wore, she chose a HOT PINK dress by Carolina Herrera. AND she has cascading waves. Geeze Julianne you should play fair next time!!!!

Paula Patton:

Image source

So this will prove to you that I don’t just pick my best dressed stars by who the star is….because trust me, I have NO clue who Paula Patton is (edit: looked it up and she was in the last Mission Impossible movie). But what I DO know is I LOVED her lavender-hued dress by Vera Wang (I’m starting to think Vera Wang can do no wrong). The neckline was beautiful and while the gown itself was simple the color was stunning and the lines of the dress were flattering. LOVE this!

Nina Dobrev:

Image source

I loved this beaded and sequined dress by Donna Karan Atelier. I love how it is fitted and the one-shoulder cut. I am also a big fan of black with gold….just the right element of glitter mixed with a basic color.  This dress is so glamorous...and what girl doesn't love a lil glam!? 

Camilla Belle:

Image source
Camilla Belle arrived at the Met Gala in a beaded Ralph Lauren gown that was sheer but metallic…my kind of dress! Besides wearing that beautiful dress, I thought her makeup was very flattering with her skin tone and hair color. 

And the worst dressed star....

Sarah Jessica Parker

Unfortunately my least favorite/worst dressed star was Sarah Jessica Parker. I know I know, Carrie Bradshaw/SJP usually is always one of the biggest style icons of our time. So what happened at the Met Gala this year??? I just didn’t like her head-to-toe floral Valentino gown. I like floral in moderation but this seemed over-the-top and just TOO MUCH!  

Image source

So what were your choices for best and worst dressed at the 2012 Met Gala? Leave me a comment & let me know dolls!

Thanks for reading and have a great evening!


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